A casual buy no. 39


Even though the summer’s been shite, it’s still a bit too warm of an evening to go out in a coat, while venturing out in only shirt sleeves can leave you distinctly chilly, unless you have a beer jacket on. The solution? A hoodie. A pullover would probably do the same job, but when I wear my jumpers I don’t want to be pulling them off and on all night. Therefore, a zip-front hoodie is ideal.

The humble hooded sweatshirt has been much-maligned as the garment of choice for working class kids (I’ll not mention ‘chavs’ as it’s a word I’ve grown to despise, mostly since reading this book and recognising how derogatory it is to members of my own class). The tabloid image of feral gangs of hoodie-lums terrorising old people on ‘sink estates’ is the stuff of legend now, and it’s mostly horseshit, but I digress.

As someone who likes to dress well, you’d think the hoodie would be something to swerve completely in the search for steez. I don’t agree. Even as the most expensive set of clothes on a div still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a div, it’s how you wear garments that make you what you are. This summer 2011 hoodie from Stone Island, worn with the right shirt/jeans/shoes/shorts/t-shirt, is a good case in point, it’s very smart on. But, you can easily pick up a cheaper hoodie from the high street and get it right, provided you think about what you team it up with. I’ve bought a couple of hoodies lately, another brand to look at (as always) is Ralph Lauren. So, the hoodie – more preppy than pikey (another word I’ve now consigned to the Hovian bin).


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6 Responses to “A casual buy no. 39”

  1. Baptiste Foulquier Says:

    Can’t agree more on your definition of the utility of a hoodie and how to wear it, good article

  2. John Says:

    Hi your bang on with what you say I wear RL hoodies I find it hard to get SI as there are no stockists in Cork and you need to try on SI best of luck with the new season and I will be looking forward to your account of the Leeds game as they are the my team in England.
    Take care

  3. Hamburg Casual Says:

    This comment comes from a casual reader from Hamburg. Great blog by the way.
    Good point about the hoodie. “It´s how you wear it” – as it is allways the case.
    Toward the brand I just wanted to point that Reigning Champ aremaking the ultimate hoodies for me. Total classic design and of an outstanding quality. No obvious label on show but the trained eyes know what you are about. I have spend a fortune on several of that beauties.
    Wow i have just noticed that I made a pun in English without any intention. Amazing

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