Mogwai in Bexhill


Drift Racing Bexhill style

I was at the De La Warr Pavilion on Friday to watch Glaswegian post-rockers Mogwai. Friday evenings in Bexhill are a blast, the main attractions range from tripping over old dears driving their yappy little dogs on the seafront, window shopping the dozens of charity shops, and elbowing your way to the bar in various end-of-the-line pubs, full of aging alkys and thirsty brickies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a melancholic attractiveness to the place, but Bexhill puts the sleep in sleepy, and for all these reasons it’s the perfect setting for a Mogwai gig.

Mogwai don’t sing much, and their fans ‘sway’ in the area where a mosh-pit would be for more ‘lively’ acts, so they’re more of an acquired taste. I got told to “Ssssh, do you mind?” by one disciple, for the crime of talking over yet another quiet/slow period during one of their quiet/slow/fast/loud tunes. I’ve been gigging since the 1980s, I’ve never been told to keep it down before, hilarious.

The gig itself was oddly uplifting, but I think this group of extremely gifted musicians would be lost as a live act without their video backdrops, of which my camerawork doesn’t do justice; some of them were achingly beautiful, if sombre, but a perfect foil for the music.

It was a good gig, the pavilion is a great venue acoustically, and Mogwai are worth seeing, just don’t expect to leave the venue tired and drenched in sweat.


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