Albion 2 – 3 Spurs


"Those Who Sow in Tears Shall Reap In Joy"

What a great day! I won’t bang on about the match itself, read the club website for that here, but I’d like to reflect on the whole day.

First off, getting a drink near Brighton station was hectic, but that might die down when the daytrippers etc disappear in the winter months. We ended up going to our old Withdean regular then getting a taxi over to Falmer, easy peasy Saint & Greavsie. Getting a beer in the bar under the East Stand was easy enough, and being a fat bastard I managed to taste both meat pies and a cheeseburger (I did say “taste”, as we like to share in our little commune). The Chicken pie was 9 out of 10, the beef 8 (bit dry) and the burger scored 7 out of 10.

The Spurs fans in the South Stand

The bevvy was good too, and even though the staff were stacking pints up after pulling them, they were still cold and fresh by the time you get to sup them. The Harveys didn’t look good in a wobbly plastic pint topped off with a Starbucks type coffee lid, but it tasted fine. The ale at ¬£3.60 was twenty pence cheaper than draught lager, all a bit steep to be fair.

The corner bar at the west end of the North Stand

The stadium – the photos speak for themselves, and my decision to sit opposite the main stand was a good one, best view in the house with the mighty West Stand soaring over the whole scene. There was a feeling all around the ground that it wasn’t real, and after the wilderness years and especially just coming from Withdean, it’s all a bit much to take in for some folk, myself included. But the noise generated from the West and North Stand especially will surely help the team this coming season.

Peter Ward

Gordon Smith











Meeting leg-ends Peter Ward and Gordon Smith in the Lower West bar after the game is surely a one-off event, although the leisurely Wardy is more likely to pop over from Florida to watch the team than Rangers FC Director of Football Smith travelling down from Glasgow. The affable Mr Ward was still on the shant down the town long after the match, as he was after the Brighton ‘Til I Die show at the Theatre Royal Thursday night. He genuinely loves the adulation he receives down Sussex way, and fair play to him.

I managed to jib the train home from Falmer, lots of hi-vis types with clipboards in and around the newly refurbished station monitoring crowd dispersal. The big gate at Brighton was left open to get fans out quickly without adding to the usual summer weekend congestion. My only thought here was “What will the polis do when there’s a few hundred Cardiff or Brum trying to get into town at the same time?” Could be interesting as the pub to street ratio around the station is higher than most towns in the UK.

West Stand Roof

So, after all that the verdict from this little corner of Hove is 99% positive (no such thing as perfection, is there?) and I am twisting my knickers in anticipation of the coming football season.

Heading home, satisfaction guaranteed


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5 Responses to “Albion 2 – 3 Spurs”

  1. Jon Says:

    Excellent pics & writeup. As an Albion fan abroad, I appreciate it. Stadium looks great if a little empty though – was it a full house? Cheers

  2. The Hovian Says:

    Cheers Jon, the crowd was 17000 I think, as not all seats were for sale for this one. I expect a full house next Saturday

  3. glasfryn Says:

    the player commentary was pretty good as this was history in the making and I will admit to a few tears when the commentator says “Peter Ward has just knelt down and kissed the pitch” the man was/is a legend and I don’t think I missed a game of his.
    my granddaughter was married at 3pm Saturday so I would have had divided loyalties if I had been down there but I was at home here in Wales sadly.
    Yeh right I am sure she would not have worried that her Granddad was listening to the love that has been constant through his life.

    • The Hovian Says:

      Congratulations on the wedding G. Everything you’ve heard about Falmer is true, the place is magic, visiting teams will be spooked by the place if the noise is kept up


  4. john Says:

    Looking forward to Brighton v leeds live on the box it will be a good test for new atmospher take care and best of luck
    for the new season pics look good

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