Portsmouth 0 – 1 Albion


Always a good awayday is Pompey. There’s a plethora of pre-match pubs to choose from, from the glittering Gunwharf Quays to rundown Fratton itself, a tipple for anyone’s taste. Then there’s the always lively match, accompanied by the local loathing of anything foreign – i.e. anything north, east and west of the M27. But on Saturday the famous Fratton Park roar was strangely subdued, but then Portsmouth were wary of the Albion after we dispatched them in some style from the FA Cup last year, a competition that they had started to take for granted recently.

A big noisy crowd of Albionites made the short trip west on the rattler, and they pretty much outsong Pompey all match, I didn’t hear that bloody bell once, a small blessing. The team started slowly, and soon we were grinding down Portsmouth with our passing game. That’s not to say they didn’t have chances, they made the most of the short spells when we gave away possession, but Casper Ankergren had a fine game, one of his best. Buckley went off injured in the first half, but in Gus Poyet’s team we have plenty exciting wingers, and Nooney was more than ample cover.

As is my wont, I went for a slash just before half-time and missed Craig Mackail-Smith’s first goal for the stripes. I saw it on the Football League show yesterday, a mild tap-in after some stirling work from Noone and then Barnes. Second half was more of the same – lots of Gordon Greer inspired Albion possession, and a few chances at either end when the tappy stuff broke down into proper derby day antics. Pompey didn’t really put sustained pressure on our goal until after 80 minutes, and that sinking feeling arrived in spades when Dunk clearly handled in the area when the match was on the blow. That really got the locals going, rabid they were in their gesticulating at us. But, penalties aren’t what they used to be, ask any Brighton fan after our misses last year. And Portsmouth hit the post, then the rebound shot was gathered brilliantly by big Casper. Game over.

This performance was down to the middle spine of the team, Ankergren, Greer (man of the match), Bridcutt then CMS up front were our best players, and add Noone on there. But the whole team had a good-ish day to be fair, the machine was in fine working order.

The result sent the skates into paroxysms on the final whistle, and the walk back to Fratton Station was good fun, it was handbags as a few 7.14 (well they’re a bit late to be real 6.57) tried to pop a few of our lads in the narrow street. There were a few handy Brighton boys in the crowd and much co-ordinated pavement dancing ensued, although not one punch was landed by either side. The plod shit themselves, thinking it was akin to the recent Tottenham rioting, but it caused no amount of mirth among us onlookers, what a shit so-called ‘firm’ that was. All a bit stupid and pointless really. So, another satisfying day away from Sussex, early doors of course in this new campaign, but you can’t argue with maximum points.

The Hovian’s Team performance : 8 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match : Gordon Greer

Attendance: 16,496

Npower Championship table
Sunday, 14 August 2011 17:03 UK

1 Cardiff 2 3 6
2 Southampton 2 3 6

3 Blackpool 2 2 6
4 Brighton 2 2 6
5 Derby 2 2 6
6 Millwall 2 2 4

7 Reading 2 2 4
8 Middlesbrough 2 1 4
9 Ipswich 2 2 3
10 Crystal Palace 2 1 3
11 Peterborough 2 0 3
12 Birmingham 2 0 3
13 Hull 2 0 3
14 West Ham 2 0 3
15 Leicester 2 -1 3
16 Portsmouth 2 -1 1
17 Watford 2 -1 1
18 Barnsley 2 -1 1
19 Burnley 2 -2 1
20 Nott’m Forest 2 -2 1
21 Doncaster 2 -2 0

22 Coventry 2 -2 0
23 Leeds 2 -3 0
24 Bristol City 2 -5 0

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4 Responses to “Portsmouth 0 – 1 Albion”

  1. john Says:

    Hi any points on the board in the championship are good points and it looks like Brighton are enjoying it Poyet is no clown next May who knows the Leeds are not looking to clever at the moment I wont be looking forward to the Brighton game with the contrast in form
    Take care

    • The Hovian Says:

      Yeah, good points, although I don’t think Leeds will be near the bottom for too long. Surprising to see us and Saints leading, but I always think ten or so games gives you a good indicator of how the league will pan out, then watch as certain teams charge or fall through the league.

      Great to see the Albion more on the Football League show too, I’m really glad we’re in this league as League One looks crap this year

      Cheers and thanks for the comment as always John

  2. Baptiste Foulquier Says:

    It’s hard to say but well done !! You do the same thing with the scummers and it will be forgotten 😉

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