A casual buy no. 40


I haven’t posted about clothes for a little while now, the football has been hectic since the start of this new season and frankly I’ve been totally immersed in the new stadium and great results. That’s not to say I haven’t been picking up bits and pieces here and there, I have, but I’m also not one who shops for big winter coats in the middle of August, so what I have bought has been lightweight and summery (I know, the weather is shit right now) and probably not that strictly ‘casual’ (for want of a better word). Anyways a winter sport will have a wintery influence on ‘football fashion’ (for want of even better words). But I’m waffling now.

Nothings speaks of ‘summer’ more than ‘deck shoes’, they are an essential piece of kit in any self-respecting dresser’s wardrobe. The ubiquitous short and trainer combination is fine for cutting about town or holiday during the day, but if it’s still hot enough at night and you still want bare knees the humble deck shoe should keep you one-up on the riff-raff in the sartorial stakes.

I used to wear a lot of Sperry deckies, probably the most iconic deck shoe on the market, with a large preppy heritage. Two things have gradually turned me off Sperry though: they wear out rather quickly, and the classic deck-thin non-slip sole doesn’t look right with my ever-expanding ‘muscular’ ankles and calves (‘cankles’ for the ladies I believe).

Timberland is a brand of footwear that, although popular with the masses, makes very sturdy shoes across the range. So then, these Heritage 3-Eye Classic Lug deckies are the hybrid that makes the deck shoe ‘right’ again for the big boned, as the the yacht-friendly thin sole is swapped for a big old workman-boot chunky sole, job done . So the real bonus is that they will last longer that three pairs of Sperry or other lesser brands.


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3 Responses to “A casual buy no. 40”

  1. Hamburg Casual Says:

    Great shoes. I am aout to buy the same in burgundy. these together with a Lacoste polo and a Levis jeans was my standart gardrobe for many years in the 80ties after leaving the subcultural mod niches and before turning onto quite questionable loud colors during the techno/house years.

  2. john Says:

    Have to agree with you have a pair by rockport great to see the draw Brighton got could be on the box but I see the Leeds have the …. that could make the box aswell
    Take care

  3. The Hovian Says:

    Cheers for the comments guys.

    Liverpool at home in the Cup? Brilliant, but I might miss is through work, we’ll see


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