A casual buy no. 41


The rain is back so I can finally wear this beauty of a raincoat picked up for a song back in July. Aquascutum as a brand suffered the same fate as that other British luxury brand – Burberry – back in the 1990s. A certain type of fan at the football was always seen in both famous house checks, and then a certain type of non-football working class youth took it further when the sussed football lads let it go. It seemed that every housing estate in Britain was awash in Burberry and Aqua, and when z-listers like Daniella Westbrook started decking their sprogs and pet dogs in the stuff then most ITK (in the know) bods gave it a HUGE swerve. It was totally naff, full stop.

That’s a shame – or not, as plenty football lads wouldn’t be seen dead in Aqua check today, making it pretty exclusive, as long as you don’t match it up with chunky gold chains and matching baseball cap.  Aquascutum is still one of the finest gentleman’s outfitters based in the UK. Their iconic raincoats are my personal favourite, and – like any quality clothing – can be worn correctly either dressed-up or down. This mac goes well with a bespoke suit, or with jeans and an open-neck shirt. The sartorial permutations far excel almost any other item I own.


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6 Responses to “A casual buy no. 41”

  1. John Says:

    Hi that is a classy item you would not see any of the chavs and so wearing it.Ha the Leeds and Brighton are back in the big time twice on sky in 4 days long may it last take care.

  2. Hamburg Casual Says:

    This a real clasic. Smart and subtile.
    Coincidentally I have just picked up a navy Mackintosh raincoat on ebay. After all the casual jackets I have bought over the last years I wanted something more formal, more “grown-up” for spring and autumn. After I have started wearing an overcoat in winter that is another coat I am not tempted to pair up with a pair of trainers. So no chance of any chav running around with your coat despite the brand.
    I just had a look around the Aquascutum webpage. As mine was not so expensive I am tempted to give the Broadgate a chance as well.
    I hope you are doing well this evening. After Liverpools disaster on Sunday there should be some hope. All the best.

  3. Lisa 'Pogo' Paterson Says:


    Nice coat! I’ve always liked Aquascutum ever since I got my first mac in the early 80’s. Still connected to being a casual and the WSF in my mind.


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