Come Over The Dyke


The weather’s been great lately eh? I picked up a copy of this little book over in Battle last week. It’s got some great walks in it, and of course, as there can no ramble without a beer en route, each hike has a pub on it.

Here are the phots from ‘Walk 27 – Devil’s Dyke‘. A three miler with a naughty climb out of Poynings up to the Devil’s Dyke Inn. I had a crisp pint of Bitter & Twisted after that one. Job done.

More walks will follow until I’m dragged away again for work.


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8 Responses to “Come Over The Dyke”

  1. englishmanincologne Says:

    Nice. Thanks for the post, makes me long for home.

    • The Hovian Says:

      Cheers, it really is beautiful at this time of year. The weather is to change this weekend, now THAT’S typical Brit weather

      • englishmanincologne Says:

        Thats more typical as I’m coming home for a week next week and will be cycling Winchester to Eastbourne starting Wednesday! Thankfully I now remember there’s more to the downs than just dashing over them. Beer o’clock here we come (as a reward of course!), not forgetting the breath-taking beauty.

      • The Hovian Says:

        Sounds cool, hope you have a pair of padded shorts 😉


  2. john Says:

    Hi good to hear from you again nice views and If you remember I said Brighton would be there and there abouts.The Brighton area has opened up to Ireland lately with flights from regional areas which never happened before .

  3. glasfryn Says:

    great photo’s mate
    give me Sussex over anywhere I have been so far
    good day today, Gus is still with us and the sun is shining

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