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Bienvenido Bruno

June 25, 2012

I just got an email through from the club, not to me personally but to all season ticket holders I presume, telling me that the club has signed another player from Valencia, Bruno Saltor. Now, I don’t think they’ve done this before – tell us by email they’ve landed someone new; and as I’ve never heard of the bloke I’m guessing they’ve made this effort because he’s a) very good, and b) Vicente Rodriguez must be on his way back, as another face from his old club would help him settle in more in Sussex.

So far we’ve picked up Tomasz Kuszczak from Man United and that’s it. There were grumblings among fans, and “wait and see” statements from Falmer in response, over our apparent lack of movement on the transfer market. I hope Bruno is good, and I hope we have a couple more signings to be announced before 2012-13 kicks off.

Here’s part of that email:

Dear ——–
Albion are delighted to announce the signing of Catalonian right-back Bruno Saltor on a free transfer from Valencia.
The 31-year-old has agreed a two-year deal at the Amex and brings further top-flight experienced to Gus Poyet’s side.
Poyet said, “Bruno has a great amount of top-level experience in La Liga, the Champions League and the Europa League, and to bring a player of his quality is a coup for us.”

A casual buy no. 42

June 24, 2012

Back by popular demand (well, one bloke asked me), the ‘casual buy’ thread. To be honest I lost interest in writing the same shite over and over about clothes, but it seems some people only read the blog for the Football Fashion posts, so it’s back, only I will try to be less of a bore about clobber, and only post the good and/or rare stuff.

Here’s a small selection of some of the stuff I’ve bought since the last casual buy post, which was September last year. If you hover over the pictures a short description of each item will appear. Jesus, I’m boring already!

Ditchling dandering

June 21, 2012

I see a fine football stadium thar

This is the last set of photos I took from rambling on the South Downs back in March, when it was unseasonably balmy. What a crap June in contrast. I’ll be walking a lot more now I’m back home from work, and of course sampling the fine pubs and ales you encounter dandering along the most beautiful part of the country.

Leaving Ditchling and approaching the Beacon

This was a big long hike, starting from Ditchling itself, then heading straight up the downs onto Ditchling Beacon. I remember driving up the hill when the Albion were still playing at Withdean, but the new stadium at Falmer was almost finished. The shock at seeing the curved roofs of the Amex from the top of the hill, was soon followed by excitement at moving there after that summer. The stadium fitted beautifully into the surrounding landscape, making a mockery of those fucking bellends – the NIMBYS on Lewes District Council – who said the Downs would be ‘ruined’. A plague on all their houses still, who knows where BHAFC would be now if we’d been moved in earlier than 2011? Bastards.

The view north east halfway up

But I’m getting off topic – rambling around Ditchling. After heading west along the spine of the Downs from spotting Falmer, the view either side is probably the best in Sussex. Then it’s a long, lonely dog leg south to the remote Chattri War Memorial, a fine site, and great place for reflection – no more greater compliment can be paid to the Indian troops who fought and were wounded in WWI, than making this place a perfect meditation spot. The views toward Brighton are worth the extra miles alone.

The vintage rallies still love to come over the Downs at Ditchling

Next up was the Jack & Jill Windmills overlooking Clayton and the north. Finally footsore and gagging for a beer, you head east, then north, down the steep north side of the Downs and into The Bull, on Ditchling’s High Street. A  fine traditional pub, with superb ales on tap. None better than this pint of Dark Star’s Sussex Stout. Forget that Guinness keg muck, this surprisingly light stout is just what a thirsty walker requires after 8 miles over the Downs at Ditchling. Recommended.

Top ‘o the Downs, heading due west

The view at the Chattri War Memorial

Clayton Windmills

Turn left for a pint of……

……this beauty

Best pint I’ve tasted in years

Cigars all round

June 1, 2012

The Seagull Love Review, the Voice Of Albion Fandom©, has been rewarded for years of turning out BHAFC’s only living fanzine, by being shortlisted in the Best Fanzine category in the 2012 FSF Football Writers Awards. It’s a remarkable achievement when you look at the fanzines they are sharing the plaudits with. United We Stand for instance is ipso facto a glossy football magazine, and boasts the Daily Telegraph’s Jim Write as a regular writer. This is no mean feat.

Sam & Stef, TSLR’s joint editors, have been producing the fanzine on a shoestring budget from the Withdean days, and have been a permanent fixture home and away selling copies up and down grounds in three different leagues. As I’ve said before, football fanzines are part of the very essence of the unique football culture on these islands and they should be lauded, especially when they are as good as our very own TSLR.

So, a big round of applause to everyone involved with banging the rag out every season, and if you’re reading this as an Albionite who hasn’t bought a copy or got involved, then look out for the fanzines sellers on the concourses around Falmer next season, and start buying. Cheers.