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A great end…

May 8, 2011

…to a fantastic season. But that’s enough of me gassing, here’s the photos from yesterday’s 1-1 draw up at a very accommodating Notts County and the Gus Bus victory parade down on Brighton & Hove seafront today. Enjoy your summer and full speed to Falmer in August. Cheers!

In a puff of smoke, it’s gone

May 1, 2011

Farewell old chum, my arse misses you already

Brighton and Hove Albion 2 – 3 Huddersfield Town. That result will be forgotten quite quickly here on the south coast, but the date 30th April 2011 won’t, not because it was such a memorable day’s events, but it signalled a momentous day in the turbulent history of the Albion.

A mate in the pub afterwards summed it up perfectly “I feel like I didn’t really give the occasion the attention it deserved, I couldn’t really get into it. We won the league weeks ago, so the party atmosphere has been dragged out a bit.” I agree (although I missed the fucker), we won it too early. But just as Oh Gary Hart missed a tap-in in his last ever home game yesterday to cement his cult status forever with Albionites – the fairy tale season had a bit of a damp squib ending, you can’t have it all. Football isn’t like the movies, unless you’re a Manc (a red one, not an Arabian blue). So, we had our last day at the Theatre of Trees, and instead of reflecting on and celebrating the most successful stadium in the long history of BHAFC, yesterday the sell-out crowd was there to deliver a collective sigh of relief that we’re finally moving out of the place.

I’ll not cover the match, two players impressed – Craig Noone for his industry, and Marcos Painter for the most commanding defensive display I’ve seen in ages on any pitch. I’m sure even the onlooking Player of the Year Adam El Abd appreciated it, Gus Poyet definitely did and his “we’re not worthy” bowing, after Painter embarassed a Town forward with a Bobby Moore tackle, was the best comedy moment. Painter was my man of the match. But the day belonged to Harty, and every free kick, attacking move, and even defensive pass was greeted with “Give it to Harty!” from the stands. In true “ledge” style though, Gary came close, but ultimately failed. Never has such a squad player received such warm reception from his fans. That’s down to his loyalty and ordinariness, he’s an anachronism in these days of mercenary slag footballers with their off the field antics, and demands for squillions of pounds each week. And I will miss this ditty, my favourite Albion terrace chant of all time:

Oh Posh Spice is a slapper

She is a fucking tart

And when she’s shagging Beckham

She thinks of Gary Hart


For those readers who are unfortunate enough not to be Albion fans, that’s sung to the tune of “My Old Man’s a Dustman”.

So, it’s gone now, the old bleachers will be ripped up and Withdean will go back to hosting athletics in front of two old boys and a dog. It’s legacy will be as one of the worst football stadiums in the football league, but it’s also been one of the most formidable places to visit. I firmly believe that time will produce a fondness for it in the minds of all those who sat and got soaked in the open stands, miles from the pitch action. It will never compete with the Goldstone for the affections of the faithful, but Falmer has a hard act to follow in terms of footballing success, and yes some great games. Rest In Peace.

Albion 4 – 0 Plymouth

February 22, 2011

"Cheer up Peter Reid"

A workmanlike performance tonight, nothing flash or owt, against a Plymouth Argyle team with more on their minds than a Tuesday night match at Withdean. The most important thing is that there’s clear blue daylight between us and Bournemuff again.

I feel sorry for Argyle, there’s a lot of clubs I dislike more than the boys from the western scrag-end of Britain. The usually agitated and interested Peter Reid was nowhere to be seen, never putting his head out of the away dugout, who would envy his job now? Not me.

As for the game, 4-0 maybe flattered us a tad, Plymouth worked hard in the second half to close down our back four’s tip-tapping, and it nearly paid off for them. But even the most diehard Albionite would say our goals were not spectacular, like I said – workmanlike. That said  we did well, and a few players caught the eye. Liam Bridcutt is in great form at present, as is Marcos Painter. Wood got a soft goal and made way for the lively Noone in the second period. Fran Sandaza’s supersub goal was good value too, but man of the match was two-goal Glenn Murray, another masterclass of holding up play and clinical finishing from the big man.

So, not a great game regardless of the final score, but most Albion fans will feel sorry for Argyle, I hope they stay up, but it doesn’t look good.

The Hovian’s Team performance : 8 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match : Glenn Murray

Attendance: 7261 (254 Plymouth)

Npower League One table
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 21:59 UK
    P GD PTS
1 Brighton 29 34 59
2 Bournemouth 32 22 55

3 Huddersfield 31 15 52
4 Peterborough 31 7 50
5 Southampton 29 23 49
6 MK Dons 33 -2 49

7 Charlton 29 6 47
8 Oldham 32 4 46
9 Colchester 31 -1 45
10 Rochdale 29 8 44
11 Leyton Orient 29 9 43
12 Carlisle 30 7 42
13 Exeter 31 -6 42
14 Hartlepool 31 -14 41
15 Brentford 30 -4 39
16 Sheff Wed 30 2 37
17 Tranmere 30 -5 37
18 Notts County 27 0 35
19 Yeovil 30 -15 33
20 Swindon 32 -13 31

21 Walsall 32 -18 30
22 Bristol R 31 -28 30
23 Dag & Red 29 -12 29
24 Plymouth 32 -19 23

Stoke 3 – 0 Albion

February 20, 2011

Stokie proposes on the pitch at half-time, she says yes, awwww

Dave Mackay, Graeme Souness, Steve McMahon, Norman Hunter. Great players who could also mix it physically, all remembered for protecting their teammates on the park and not being intimidated by the opposition’s hard men. Brighton and Hove Albion could have done with one or three of those yesterday.

As much as us lower league fans slag off the Premiershit, we all watch it, and we all know what Stoke are about. Gobshite manager who foregoes the technical game in favour of physicality, long balls and set-pieces. When it works, it works well, and Stoke City FC are the best example today of that football philosophy. It worked perfectly against the Albion.

The Britannia Stadium - "Lob-sided"

I’ll not talk much about the journey up and down from Hove, just to say that I had a few with some great mates, but will be taking the train to any matches north of Watford from now on. Stuff yer stinking motorways. The Britannia Stadium has mucho security too, all very well drilled and marshalled, do a great job etc, etc. No more to be said.

Gus Poyet learned a valuable lesson yesterday, and I hope a lot of our fans did too. The pretty passing will beat your average hoofball merchants like Colchester down in League One, but against the athletes of the Premiershit – even the awful Stoke – the beautiful game won’t work without a bit of muscle. When the teams took to the field I was gobsmacked at the shear brute size of John Carew alone, and then I studied their entire team. To a man Stoke are a big strong side, the Albion players looked like little dolls alongside them. When it kicked off it looked like a first team playing the under-16s.

First half mauling

Kick and rush, set-piece. Kick and rush, throw-in, Rory Delap. Delap’s throws are awesome, slag them off if you want, but they work, they undid us. Stoke battered us in the first half, the only place we passed the ball well was amongst the back four and keeper, when it went forward we lost it again and again. It was painful to watch at times, not just Brezovan’s bloopers (say no more). The most annoying aspect though was watching the Guru of Hoofball himself – Tony fucking Pulis – make an arse of himself, refusing to budge from his technical area screaming abuse at everyone and everything. It was as if he was playing Chelsea, not a third tier team caught in the headlights of his team of juggernauts.

Anxious Albionites hang on until the bitter end as contented Stokies file out into the car parks

Poyet must have given the team a soothing “Fuck it, we’ve no chance, go out and go for it” talk at half time. For, although second half we were pretty much contained to long efforts at goal, some of the old tippy-tappying started to make us look like the League One leaders we are. To no avail though, the damage was already done, but we kept it respectable. I’m not going to slate any players, but some didn’t perform at all. Those who did were Bennett (in the second half), and good little cameos from Cristian Baz, and Nicky Forster’s nipper Jake “Forster” Caskey. But one player was outstanding in my opinion – Liam Bridcutt. He might have been one of the smallest footballers out on the park, but he was magnificent yesterday. Bridcutt did make a couple of mistakes that we escaped from, but he alone went for Stoke’s jugular, good on him. Maybe Poyet should beef him up a bit and make him the Albion’s regular hard man.

The fantastic Albion away support applaud the team

The Hovian’s Team performance : 5 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match : Liam Bridcutt

Attendance: 21312 (3450 Albion)

Albion 4 – 1 Hartlepool

February 13, 2011

"Eey up, we was shiyte down that there Brighton"

This was my first league game this year, and it was a great one. Work has me away lots now, so I’m missing some great performances. How Hartlepool beat us up at theirs I don’t know, for they are the poorest team I’ve seen at Withdean for a long time. Their consolation goal flattered them, and I felt sorry for the cold, quiet, army of 129 monkey hangers sat forlornly on the ridiculous west stand.

No Albion player had a bad game. Ankergren spent most of the final half hour ripping the piss out of the exhausted ‘pool lone striker, running about his penalty area with the ball at his feet, only to pick it up or pass it out to the back four once the big Hartlepool lump had yet again run in at him to hurry him up. Funny as fuck it was. That Craig Noone is alright isn’t he? First time I’ve seen him play, his pace is phenomenal, and he makes opposition players look slow and dopey by comparison. He looks like a good buy.

But, my man of the match is Glenn Murray. Big Muzza is on fire at the minute, from winning his trademark soft free-kicks by going to ground, erm, a bit easily, to winning headers by timing his jumps to perfection and hanging in the air like Magic Johnson. He should have added to his brace yesterday, but he was still at his laconic best even so.

I’ve got a ticket for Stoke this weekend, but I’m 90% sure I’ll be away at work before then, and this time I could be out of the country for two months. I can’t complain really, but I am missing out on all the fun. I fully expect Poyet’s side to get something at the Britannia, maybe a second bite at the kick and rush kings back at Withers. Cheers.

The Hovian’s Team performance : 9 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match : Glenn Murray

Attendance : 7296 (129  Monkey Hangers)

Npower League One table snapshot

As it stood on 12 Feb 2011 23:59 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
1 Brighton 28 30 56
2 Bournemouth 30 22 53
3 Huddersfield 29 15 50
4 Southampton 28 23 48
5 Charlton 27 9 47
6 Oldham 29 6 45
7 MK Dons 30 -2 45
8 Rochdale 29 8 44
9 Peterborough 28 4 43
10 Colchester 28 -1 41
11 Leyton Orient 28 8 40
12 Exeter 29 -8 38
13 Hartlepool 28 -14 37
14 Sheff Wed 28 5 36
15 Brentford 29 -5 36
16 Carlisle 27 5 35
17 Tranmere 27 -6 34
18 Yeovil 29 -13 33
19 Plymouth 31 -15 33
20 Notts County 26 -2 32
21 Swindon 31 -12 31
22 Dag & Red 27 -11 28
23 Walsall 30 -17 27
24 Bristol R 30 -29 27

Leyton Orient 0 – 0 Albion

February 1, 2011

So that’s what happens when I clear out for a couple of weeks for work – the Albion go and get a new badge. I like it, round and simple again. We’re also still top o’ the league, just.

I only got home yesterday, in a bit of a state with various minor ailments, so no visit to Brisbane Road tonight and I’ll be taking it easy when the team go to Bristol Rovers. Listening in on the old radio will have to do; I’m missing out on our most exciting season for many a moon, but work is work and mine is situated thousands of miles away until further notice. My visit to Falmer to pick my seats is next week, I’m trying to decide whether to sit with the Ruffians in the North Stand or near the away fans in the lower East, looking forward to it either way.

As for the match tonight – not great with all the chasing pack getting three points, but we’re still there peeps

Npower League One table

Tuesday, 1 February 2011 21:46 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Brighton 26 25 50
2 Bournemouth 28 21 49
3 Huddersfield 27 12 46
4 Southampton 26 22 44
5 Oldham 27 6 43
6 Peterborough 26 5 42
7 Charlton 25 7 41
8 MK Dons 27 -3 40
9 Colchester 26 -1 38
10 Rochdale 26 5 37
11 Carlisle 25 8 35
12 Sheff Wed 26 6 35
13 Exeter 27 -7 35
14 Hartlepool 26 -12 34
15 Leyton Orient 25 2 33
16 Plymouth 29 -11 33
17 Yeovil 27 -11 33
18 Brentford 27 -7 32
19 Notts County 24 0 31
20 Tranmere 26 -8 31
21 Swindon 28 -8 30
22 Bristol R 26 -21 27
23 Dag & Red 25 -12 24
24 Walsall 27 -18 23

Albion 3 – 1 Portsmouth

January 9, 2011

My first Albion game of 2011, and the first time I’ve watched a ball kicked in anger since FC United on the 8th December. And what a game to come back to. As I expected to miss this game through work, I only managed to get a ticket on Friday – for the West Stand, where I could savour the ‘atmosphere’ at Withdean from half a mile away, like opposition fans have been enduring since 1999. To be fair when the ball is down in your half it ain’t half bad, but second half was difficult, the low angle of view didn’t help, and I missed Franny Sandaza’s ping-pong goal.

Pompey brought a big following and as we were rushing from the pub to find the route into the usual away end (the West -away- Stand was home fans only so Pompey could take up their 15% ticket allocation in our bigger Family Stand), I saw John Westwood – AKA the Pompey Bell(end) Ringer staggering about the East/South Stand concourse. He really needs to put the hat, clown shoes, and wisket in the wash – filthy it was.

Sadly for Westwood and his boys his team never turned up. Getting a player as good as Kitson sent off early didn’t help them, but I genuinely felt we would beat the Skates yesterday, and was touting “2-0” as the final score in the pub beforehand. We battered them in the first half, and the amount of Pompey yellow cards handed out by, dare I say it, an Albion-friendly ref, was proof of their frustration at getting taken apart by a lower league side. Portsmouth seem to have a Premier League-sized collective ego, and hangover. You were shite, admit it.

Poyet started with three strikers (FLAIR!), and each had a fine game, Glenn Murray was the pick even though he was the only one of the trio who didn’t rattle the onion bag. I want to give Mauricio Taricco Man of the Match, as he not only stood in well for the suspended Calderon, but surpassed him in his brilliant 60 minute cameo. Treacle must’ve been some player in his younger days. Pompey were annoyed at being skinned by a 37 year old, and he got some rough treatment before he was subbed after tiring later on, but job done.

Adam El-Abd gets my nod, although any one of four of five players deserved the plaudits too. Bomber is fast becoming the cult hero here at Casa Hovian, another assured display with the rehabilitated Tommy Elphick at the back was the foundation that built the performance. After the game as we walked down the hill past the unhappy Pompey crowd returning to their coaches, a few started chopsing and giving it the big one (from behind a police line of course), that rounded off a perfect day back at the Theatre of Trees, one that I’ll remember fondly when I’m sat in my shiny new padded seat at Falmer next season.

The Hovian’s Team performance : 9 out 10

The Hovian’s Man of the Match : Adam El-Abd

Attendance : 7792 (1421 Skates)

Huddersfield 2 – 1 Albion

December 11, 2010

I didn’t make the long trip up to Yorkshire, I’m keeping the old readies for Xmas instead. We missed ANOTHER penalty, fucking Murray this time, couldn’t defend a lead for longer than one minute, can’t defend set pieces. You don’t win leagues missing five penalties in quick succession. It’s not all doom and gloom though, Southampton got tonked at home. The lead at the top is now down to three points, as The Gus Poyet Express runs out of steam and slews across the tracks and into the sidings. It’s hotting up at the top of League One, I hope we can hang around long enough to still be in the mix next May.

Npower League One table

Saturday, 11 December 2010 17:03 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full Npower League One table
1 Brighton 19 16 36
2 Sheff Wed 20 17 33
3 Huddersfield 19 10 32
4 Charlton 18 7 32
5 Bournemouth 19 15 30
6 Colchester 19 2 30
7 Oldham 18 6 29
8 Peterborough 19 -2 29
9 Southampton 19 8 28
10 Brentford 19 2 28
11 Carlisle 19 6 27
12 Hartlepool 18 -3 26
13 Exeter 19 -6 26
14 MK Dons 19 -7 26
15 Plymouth 19 -4 25
16 Leyton Orient 19 1 24
17 Swindon 19 -3 24
18 Rochdale 19 1 22
19 Notts County 18 -5 22
20 Tranmere 19 -8 22
21 Bristol R 19 -11 22
22 Dag & Red 19 -11 18
23 Yeovil 19 -16 16
24 Walsall 18 -15 14


December 10, 2010

The Chrimbo edition of The Seagull Love Review will be available to buy at the Huddersfield game tomorrow, so be on the lookout for the chaps selling it around the ground. Now is the most exciting time for our one and only fanzine, and when the Albion step up a level next year, with the new stadium and hopefully Championship football, it will need a thriving fanzine to be a proper BIG club. So please, dig out your loose change and part with a miserly one pound to support it. Usual stuff in there from yours truly, a taster below

FC United of Manchester 0 – 4 Albion

December 8, 2010

We finally got past our non-league opponents, but it took two replays to beat Woking, then FCUM. At least we did it with a bit of style tonight at Gigg Lane, Bury. I watched this game in my local, two screens one side of the bar had the Abion match on, and the two on the other side had the Arsenal Champions League game. There were 20-30 watching our lot, and two blokes sneaked in after twenty minutes to watch the Arsenal. 30-2 to grassroots football then. Cosmic.

Elliott Bennett was brilliant tonight, he more than made up for his penalty miss in the first game, man of the match. So it’s Pompey next in round three, that is a winnable game for me, I’m looking forward to hosting the skates at Withers. Game on.