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Cigars all round

June 1, 2012

The Seagull Love Review, the Voice Of Albion Fandom©, has been rewarded for years of turning out BHAFC’s only living fanzine, by being shortlisted in the Best Fanzine category in the 2012 FSF Football Writers Awards. It’s a remarkable achievement when you look at the fanzines they are sharing the plaudits with. United We Stand for instance is ipso facto a glossy football magazine, and boasts the Daily Telegraph’s Jim Write as a regular writer. This is no mean feat.

Sam & Stef, TSLR’s joint editors, have been producing the fanzine on a shoestring budget from the Withdean days, and have been a permanent fixture home and away selling copies up and down grounds in three different leagues. As I’ve said before, football fanzines are part of the very essence of the unique football culture on these islands and they should be lauded, especially when they are as good as our very own TSLR.

So, a big round of applause to everyone involved with banging the rag out every season, and if you’re reading this as an Albionite who hasn’t bought a copy or got involved, then look out for the fanzines sellers on the concourses around Falmer next season, and start buying. Cheers.