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From the Sea to the Deans

May 14, 2012

Looking out over Ovingdean, with Woodingdean beyond

I’m abroad again writing this, so I missed the Albion fail to make the Championship play-offs. I’m not arsed, because the thought of a thrilling knock out comp and a possible trip to Wembley, all on Seagulls Player on my laptop, was too much to contemplate. Next year, next year.

The undercliff walk at Ovingdean

I had a couple of ale rambles at the end of March before flying out to work again, that’s why it looks hot in these phots – it was back in March. I believe you’ve all been freezing and soaking lately, bless.

Sunhattery badging from the Seagulls Shop and Casual Connoisseur

This was a good walk (5 miler) around the ‘Deans’, especially Rottingdean. I was lucky with the sunny views and fresh air, and writing about them now is making me properly homesick.

I was outside here before opening time

I cycle the undercliff walk from Brighton Marina to Saltdean fairly regularly, but this hike on the hills above the sea beats the cycling hands down, and I’m going to walk it in all weather in future. Sussex is the most beautiful part of the country in my opinion, if you live here and don’t get out on foot and see it, you doing yourself a real injustice.

A pint of Harvey’s – walking fuel

The Grange, Rottingdean, where Rudyard Kipling lived from 1897-1902

Heading west from Rottingdean and up onto Beacon Hill

“The Connoisseurs” tee

Looking east toward St. Dunstan’s Home for the Blind

Heading west towards Roedean & Brighton

I never get tired of this place


The sheer joy of cycling

June 24, 2011

My running days are virtually over, I’m 15 stone and when I do manage to get out for a run I’m in bits for days after, bad knees and sore ankles. Not wanting to stop keeping fit I’ve taken up cycling again, after a break of about 5 years. I must say I’ve missed it.

Living in the wonderful setting of Brighton & Hove there’s no excuse not to get out there and see the beauty of the place. So far I’ve been bombing along the undercliff walk to Saltdean, getting soaked in Shoreham before racing along the A270 back to Hove, I’m a new man I tell thee. Of course there’s always rough with the smooth, my arse is in total clip from my criminally spartan saddle – but it should toughen up soon enough. Here’s a few shots from the last few days of cycling along the coast, taken with the Vignette app on my HTC camera phone, which makes anyone into a half decent photographer.