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Last fanzine in Sainsburys

April 27, 2010

Ok, I couldn’t think of a decent title for this post, so a bit of surrealism never goes amiss. The Seagull Love Review no. 19 – the last issue of the 2009/10 football season – is out now. You can pick it up at Milton Keynes this Saturday, or at home against the Wurzels on May 8th. Or, you can buy it online on the TSLR blog here.

As well as The Hovian cartoon, TSLR’s co-ed asked me to write a bit about casuality and places where the interested can pick up natty threads in Brighton and Hove. I’ve copied and pasted the article below for your perusal, perhaps it may be a regular column next season in the mag? Watch this space, and get a quid out for the best TSLR yet, you tight bastards.

Casuals, dressers, trendies. Contrary to popular belief, today’s casual (and some even discard this description of what they call “the nameless thing”), is not some drunken thug in a Stone Island jacket. Today’s true casual is more terrace peacock than fighting cock. Study photographs and film of hooligans from after the 1980s casual heyday, you’ll mostly see badly dressed, overweight louts knocking seven bells out of each other. The true casual is above that, he has moved on, he’s been dandified. A true obsessive, he’d be horrified at the thought of his expensively bought and painstakingly put together match day outfit being ripped or muddied. He’s not gone soft, he just got smart.

Sure, the casual subculture grew out of the need for young men bent on trouble avoiding the police and opposition spotters, by dressing unlike other football fans – out went scarves and replica shirts. But it was much more than that, a sense of sartorial one-upmanship over the opposition – not just being better fighters – was paramount in the early casuals’ mindset. Add this to the eternal need for young working class men to dress better than their position in society might dictate, and you have a new form of youth (sub)culture, the first one that wasn’t music inspired, but football inspired.

Nowadays only a nutter or determined thug wants to keep fighting at football, the law leans heavily on those who want a ruck with like-minded thugs. But the sense of one-upmanship is very much alive, through the clothes and the sense of style. Only the early 1960s Mods had the same pride in appearance, always seeking new brands, avoiding the herd where possible. This doesn’t mean the casual is aloof from the ordinary team colour wearing fan, he seeks aloofness only from other casuals. He is at home among his own team fans, his support is just as strong, but usually less overt, he just likes his own clothes.

So, what does the casual wear today? That’s a tough one, it’s very much down to personal taste, but not following fashion, abhorring the metrosexual, the parrothead, the skinny jean wearing “funboy” in his Top Man horror show outfitting. Inspiration comes not from David Beckham, but from Sir Edmund Hillary. Outdoors is in – waxed cotton and windproofing. Traditional over the new, Clarks not JD. Casual brands range from tried and tested Barbour, CP Company,Fjallraven, Baracuta, adidas; to young, fresh designers who make exciting menswear, but with a firm nod to the olds before them –  6876, Folk, Garbstore, Albam, Edwin. You have to search for your own look, make it yours. Be careful though, Danny Dyer in his Fila Terrinda does not cut the mustard.

Apart from online, there’s a mecca for casuals to be found right here in Brighton,  modestly situated around the Ship Street/Dukes Lane area, and its HQ is without question Peggs & Son of Ship Street (formerly Minky of North Laine). Here is an emporium for the discerning collector of the casual things in life. Dukes Lane has View and Profile, for those Italian and American lifestyle pieces, with nods to the Paninaro and Steve McQueen.

You may think this is all nonsense, that’s fine, the way of the dresser is not for everyone. But for those whose interest may be piqued the casuals are still out there, they still look to see who’s wearing what. If you look good you will be noticed, only nowadays you won’t get a smack in the gob, you’ll be asked where you got your new coat, or it might be less than that, just a knowing smile from a like-minded obsessive.

Albion 2 – 1 Bristol Rovers

April 25, 2010

"Alright you janner?" - Ash Barnes in his Argoy-ool kit, hopefully for the last time

I have the hangover from hell today, so this match report will be short and sweet. The good news is that we’re 100% going to be playing League One football next season, yesterday’s win and Tranmere drawing made us mathematically safe. Withdean was warm and sunny, but the match didn’t really inspire until Glenn Murray got a straight red for an off the ball tussle with a Rovers defender. I’ll have to watch the TV footage because I saw nowt from Block A. Then one of theirs was sent off and the game came alive.

It was a pretty meaningless end of season match between two mid-tablers, but you wouldn’t have known it from the stats, 3 goals, 1 penalty, 2 red and six yellow cards. Fair play to Rovers for coming and making a game of it. Our best players were El-Abd, Crofts, Bennett, and the mightily impressive Ashley Barnes. Ash was brilliant yesterday for me, a class act from a very promising young player – we need to sign him up permanently over the summer.

Right, that’s it, I’m off to nurse my sore head, but I’m already looking forward to our visit to Franchise FC up in Milton Keynes on Saturday, my last awayday of the 2009/10 season.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 8 out of 10 

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Ashley Barnes 

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold) 

 (4-4-2) Brezovan; Hoyte, El-Abd, Elphick, Painter; Bennett, Crofts, Navarro (Arismendi 90), Hendrie (Dicker 74); Holroyd (Murray 61), Barnes 

Subs: Walker (GK), Murray, Dicker, Virgo, Carole, Cook, Arismendi 

Attendance: 6922 (312 Rovers)

League One table

Sunday, 25 April 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 44 41 92
2 Leeds United 44 33 83
3 Millwall 44 33 82
4 Swindon 44 16 79
5 Charlton 44 20 78
6 Huddersfield 44 26 77
7 Southampton 44 37 70
8 Colchester 44 12 69
9 Bristol Rovers 44 -7 62
10 Brentford 44 4 61
11 MK Dons 44 -7 59
12 Walsall 44 -4 58
13 Brighton 44 -5 55
14 Carlisle 44 -5 54
15 Oldham 44 -13 52
16 Hartlepool 44 -8 51
17 Yeovil 44 -6 50
18 Leyton Orient 44 -11 48
19 Exeter 44 -13 47
20 Gillingham 44 -14 47
21 Tranmere 44 -32 45
22 Wycombe 44 -21 42
23 Southend 44 -20 40
24 Stockport 44 -56

A casual buy no. 14

April 21, 2010

Another button-down long sleeve shirt, this time from Ben Sherman. Nowadays this old Brightonian label (yes folks, the company was started in the place to be) has seen its crown slip from its early skinhead heyday. In fact, with their decidedly dodgy male grooming products and what not, they have diluted this label to the point of naffness (“Up Shirt Creek” bodyspray anyone?)

This is wrong, because a quick look on their official site shows ben Sherman still make nice, smart menswear. The ubiquity of Fred Perry nowadays, especially when it’s partnered with pumps and hanging-off-the-arse skinny jeans, makes Ben Sherman a nice alternative to all the funboys sporting the famous laurel leaf. It’s definitely worth a butcher’s.

Southend 0 – 1 Albion

April 19, 2010

Fun in the sun at Roots Hall

We’re not mathematically safe yet, but it  will take a monumental fall from grace to see us relegated come May. Southend was bathed in glorious sunshine on Saturday, it felt like an end of season jolly, which was exactly what it was. 

We went for a bevvy in the Slug & Lettuce before the match, which meant we missed this carry on downtown, very naughty. I thought the away end was party central, marvellous scenes, the inflatable toy brigade are becoming a regular fixture at all our games, much to the bemusement of assorted home fans around the league. 


The match itself wasn’t a classic, both teams struggled to put a foot on the ball and there were mistakes galore. Glenn Murray is still out of sorts, and I think he is in serious danger of being shipped out in the 

"Don't pray for me Tommy Elphick..."

much awaited summer clearout by Gus Poyet. Ash Barnes outshone him in every way, and was nearly my man of the match, his goal looked a bit jammy from all the way back in our position behind the goal, but he’s got a nice touch and tries hard, definitely he should be considered in Poyet’s future plans. 

In midfield Crofts bossed the centre of the park, Arismendi played a bit better than Tuesday night, but he was subbed at half-time for Alan Navarro, who’s a better player, full stop. Elliott Bennet was our most industrious player and wins my man of the match again. 

The back four were solid enough, and it was great to see Marcos Painter back and playing nice  football again. But as I said, this was a pretty forgettable game, with one away game of the season left and safety almost guaranteed, the team looked tired and sluggish. But full marks to the travelling support once again, 1333 made the trip to sunny Essex, and all enjoyed ribbing the Saafend supporters, whose team look a lost cause for this season. 

So, we have three games left before the summer and the World Cup, I fully expect a lot of new faces in August and who knows, we could be pushing for promotion next year? Anything is possible with Poyet in charge, but I don’t think an away visit to Roots Hall will be in the fixture list, cheerio Shrimpers. 

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 7 out of 10 

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Elliott Bennett 

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold) 

 (4-4-2) Brezovan; Calderon (Hoyte 77), El-Abd, Elphick, Painter; Bennett, Crofts, Arismendi (Navarro 46), Hendrie (Dicker 65); Murray, Barnes 

Subs: Walker (GK), Holroyd, Navarro, Dicker, Virgo, Carole, Hoyte 

Attendance: 8503 (1333 Albion)

League One table

Monday, 19 April 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 43 39 89
2 Leeds United 43 30 80
3 Millwall 43 32 79
4 Swindon 43 16 78
5 Charlton 43 20 77
6 Huddersfield 43 20 74
7 Colchester 43 12 68
8 Southampton 42 36 66
9 Bristol Rovers 43 -6 62
10 MK Dons 43 -4 59
11 Brentford 42 3 57
12 Walsall 43 -6 55
13 Carlisle 43 -4 54
14 Brighton 43 -6 52
15 Hartlepool 43 -6 51
16 Oldham 42 -13 50
17 Yeovil 43 -6 49
18 Leyton Orient 43 -10 48
19 Gillingham 43 -12 47
20 Exeter 43 -13 46
21 Tranmere 42 -31 44
22 Wycombe 43 -21 41
23 Southend 43 -20 39
24 Stockport 43 -50 25

Gillingham 1 – 1 Albion

April 14, 2010

There will always be a little corner of Withdean in Gillingham’s green and pleasant land

That all-important win that will consolidate our League One status for next year still proves elusive. Last night’s game was a complete comedy of errors, as maddening as it was ultimately entertaining. We were both jammy and unlucky, the overall performance was pretty fucking poor to be honest, but also strangely thrilling, a footballing enigma. And the bright side (there’s always one with the Albion folks) is that there’s still a purpose and meaning to our season, at least until the next game. We’re not out of the relegation woods just yet.

The Priestfield Stadium always gets stick from Brighton fans, probably because our darkest hours as a football club were experienced there as the disenfranchised, the soccer homeless. The team were awful when Gillingham was our “home”. But, forget about all that, I actually like the place. I like the fact that it’s in the heart of the local community, I like its lob-sided stands – the away end with its roofless meccano seating should be seen as a homage to our beloved Withdean – it can generate a good atmosphere and did so last night. What’s there to complain about?

A steward told us that Albion had brought 1200 to Priestfield, and that they were expecting 600-700. So naturally things were cramped on the open stand, but they were strangely quiet too. The match was the reason the big travelling support were subdued, inflatable rings and beachballs aside. Gills support was as rowdy as you’d expect from a team battling to stay up. And battle is what their team did.

Gillingham played hard and upset the fancy football Albion have been exhibiting of late, they wanted this more than us. They took their chance well for their equaliser, and missed a great chance to take the lead by turning a free kick onto our post. We, on the other hand, had bags of chances, but if we were still playing this game now today, we still wouldn’t have scored. Total pants.

The main reason for this anomaly is down to one man – stand up Mr Glenn Murray. Muzza will want to forget this match, and sharpish. The team as a whole were mediocre, so I will only comment on individuals who stick in the mind. First the pluses: Lee Hendrie started last night, and though he tired in the second half and was subbed, showed enough class to show he has a lot to offer this club if he stays, he’s a smart player. Adam El-Abd was immense last night – man of the match by a country mile – he carried the back four and outjumped players much bigger than him. I would even suggest that right now he’s our first choice centre back and Gus Poyet will be looking for someone to partner him from now on, and that’s the mark of the guy, a trier, a plucky, no-nonsense, no frills player who has fought hard to get his chance. Good luck to the lad, he deserves it, and his goal was hard-earned too.

Now the minuses, and be warned, this won’t be pretty. In order of severity, starting from the least guilty to the outrageously bad they are: Gavin Hoyte, low on confidence and probably ability, the lad is a poor substitute for Marcos Painter, ’nuff said. Adam Virgo. Tommy Elphick has had a poor couple of games lately, and was rightly dropped, but Virgo is lost at the minute. Slow, sluggish, clumsy and prone to hoof. My knuckles whitened everytime he got skinned by their fast forwards, not good enough. Murray – shocker – no other way to describe it, Gills fans were pissing themselves at every missed opportunity, the penalty miss was a foregone conclusion as soon as he stepped up. I’ve never seen the big man play so bad, he was simply awful. But he wasn’t as bad as Diego “£3million loanee from Stoke” Arismendi. This guy must either be:

A) A secret close Uruguayan relative of Gus Poyet

B) Some random bloke signed by Stoke after they saw him (or someone who looks very like him) on a fuzzy YouTube video

How the guy is worth £3million is incomprehensible. He was utterly gash, the only time he did anything right was head a dangerous corner away once. He has no close ball control, can’t pass, he just didn’t want to know. The game changed 100% to the good when little Alan Navarro came on for him and started fizzing the ball across the park the way it should be done. But again, the bright side – Arismendi can only improve on that dismal display, he was shite.

So for me a draw was a fair enough result – we had more chances, they played better. Southend should be another tense affair on Saturday. Toodle pip.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 5 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Adam El-Abd

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold)

(4-5-1) Brezovan; Calderon, El-Abd, Virgo, Hoyte; Bennett, Crofts, Arismendi (Navarro 68), Hendrie (Dicker 78), LuaLua (Barnes 58); Murray

Subs: Walker (GK), Holroyd, Navarro, Dicker, Barnes, Carole, Elphick

Attendance: 7997

League One table

Wednesday, 14 April 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 42 38 86
2 Leeds United 42 31 80
3 Millwall 42 33 79
4 Charlton 42 21 77
5 Swindon 42 16 77
6 Huddersfield 42 19 71
7 Colchester 42 14 68
8 Southampton 41 35 63
9 Bristol Rovers 42 -6 61
10 MK Dons 42 -3 59
11 Brentford 41 3 56
12 Carlisle 42 -3 54
13 Walsall 42 -6 54
14 Yeovil 42 -5 49
15 Brighton 42 -7 49
16 Hartlepool 42 -8 48
17 Oldham 41 -14 47
18 Exeter 42 -11 46
19 Leyton Orient 42 -12 45
20 Gillingham 42 -13 44
21 Tranmere 41 -33 41
22 Southend 42 -19 39
23 Wycombe 42 -22 38
24 Stockport 42 -48 25

When football must come second

April 9, 2010

Festivities are off this weekend for me – I won’t be at the match or online much. I have a family medical crisis to deal with that makes the dramas of football seem trivial by comparison.

I will be at both the Gillingham and Southend matches next week, so things should be back to normal then. Cheers

Book review: Perry Boys

April 6, 2010

Mouthy Mancs on the March

Perry Boys : By Ian Hough

First Published : 2007

ISBN 978 1 903854 65 5

Score out of 5 :

It would be easy to dismiss this book as the shrill boasting of your typical mouthy Manc, his big head gorged on the ridiculous success and ubiquity of the behemothic commercial enterprise that is Manchester United Football Club. And on this level you would be 100% correct. But there’s a lot more to this book than that, just let me get the negatives out of the way first.

The very essence of being cool is not having to tell people that you are, in fact, very cool. Unfortunately Ian Hough reminds his reader of how cool he, his fellow Perries, and Manchester (“the best city”) especially, are. In fact he reminds us on every other page. He boasts so much about it he actually begins to sound more like the mythically one-dimensional “arrogant cockney c*nts” he so obviously despises.

But what really got my goat was his placing of the Manchester casuals at the forefront of the genesis of “the Nameless Thing” alongside the late 70’s scousers, the latter being – pre-Hough – universally recognised as the originals by general consensus. I haven’t got a problem with Hough moving the Manc Perries back in time and in size of numbers, if that massages his ego. I do have a problem with him rejecting the rest of the island, telling us they are “divvies” who only caught onto the casual craze in 1983 when the Mancs and scousers became “bored” with the scene and moved on. Evidence suggests otherwise – look at the pictures of the young tearaways on the terraces of Fratton Park in “Rolling With The 6.57 Crew” for instance (supposedly a bastion of southern counties divvies, according to Hough), these boys were in Pringles and trainers in 1980!

It may be a question of numbers, maybe the north west did have a larger contingent of lads versus cavemen, but to say it was exclusive to that area needs to be seen without the red-tainted glasses Ian Hough uses. I had a sneaking suspicion throughout that the author had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he wrote these bits, and possibly the whole book shouldn’t be taken so seriously, but with oodles of heaped up salt instead.

With that caveat dealt with, what about the rest of the book? Hough is an intelligent, quirky writer. His stream of consciousness style reminded me of the Gonzo narrative of the late, great Hunter S, or even Michael Herr. For that reason alone this book scores 4 stars (or Casses). I enjoyed his spiel, his cross-referencing Darwinism, molecular biology etc, is a welcome remove from the standard “train-pub-tear up” hoolie memoir. The best bits of the book are when he describes the Manchester of his youth, you can almost smell the sooty, damp streets of Salford. Likewise his tales of travelling and high jinks in such places as the US, Oz and Israel. It’s when he goes into bragging mode that the book loses focus.

All in all, it’s a decent stab at describing the Manchester section of the early casual movement, I enjoyed it immensely and read it in a couple of days. If you’re a cockney you’ll have to bite your lip when reading this, but it’s only banter, even if it is laid on a bit thickly.

Hartlepool 2 – 0 Albion

April 5, 2010

Lordy! Nefarious Westminster Monkey(hanger) and celebrity bellend fan Peter Mandelson

I’m not at the game today – instead I’m supposed to be enjoying Easter at home with my missus and a visit to monkey hanging land wasn’t on the cards. But, I have to make a visit to hospital at 2.30pm today, so I’ll be missing most of the live commentary for this one.

Fully expecting a good win today to put a line under our League One status for next year. No Andrew Crofts in the squad, don’t know what’s happened there, Lee Hendrie makes his full debut in his place. Gavin Hoyte starts after a long time on the fringe. It seems weird with no Nicky Forster in the team – though not as weird as watching him score a penalty in the red and black of Charlton the other day.

I’m back from the hossie and wired up to Seagulls Player, nothing much happened in the first half hour. Half-time, Albion have had the best of the play, nothing to show for it. First chance on goal for Hartlepool, 1-0, kinell. LuaLua on for Hendrie on 57 minutes. Poyet throws in his last hand – Holroyd on for Carole, and Arismende for Navarro, hopefully get a sniff out of this one – shite game by the sounds of it. 2-0, sweeping move from the monkey hangers.

Dicker has a shot pushed onto the bar right at the death. Game over, glad I didn’t travel to this one. We seem to have missed Crofts and Murray badly today. Mandy will be happy though.

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold)

(4-5-1) Brezovan; Calderon, El-Abd, Elphick, Hoyte; Bennett, Hendrie (LuaLua 57), Navarro (Arismende 64), Dicker, Carole (Holroyd 64); Barnes

Subs: Walker (GK), Holroyd, LuaLua, Arismende, Barnes, Smith , Cook


League One Table

5 Apr 2010 16:59 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 40 39 85
2 Swindon 40 19 76
3 Millwall 40 29 75
4 Leeds United 40 27 74
5 Charlton 40 21 74
6 Huddersfield 39 19 65
7 Colchester 40 12 65
8 Bristol Rovers 40 -1 61
9 Southampton 39 30 57
10 MK Dons 40 -3 57
11 Brentford 39 0 52
12 Carlisle 40 -2 51
13 Walsall 40 -6 51
14 Brighton 40 -6 48
15 Yeovil 40 -7 45
16 Hartlepool 40 -9 45
17 Exeter 40 -11 44
18 Gillingham 40 -9 43
19 Oldham 38 -13 43
20 Leyton Orient 40 -13 41
21 Tranmere 39 -29 41
22 Southend 40 -17 38
23 Wycombe 40 -27 32
24 Stockport 40 -43 25

Albion 2 – 2 Scummers

April 2, 2010

Southampton FC release new poster of their skipper Dean Hammond

Cracking match last night, this one had everything and was a reminder of what is great about this sport called football. Drama, good guys, pantomine villians, angry and animated fans, quarrelling team benches, and end to end football. And of course one complete bellend in the shape of….not Dan Harding, strangely enough…..but the hitherto rather liked and respected other ex-Seagull, Dean Hammond. Total cock muncher.

Our usual mid-week pre-match routine – a few bevvies downtown then an Albion Kebab before Withdean was different in that there were strange looking old bill (Hampshire’s finest) posted outside the kebab house with our own usual Sussex lot. Did they really fear the visit of assorted muppetry from Southampton? Surely having to even drive past Portsmouth would have made most of these idiots piss their pants. Overkill and unnecessary.

I sat again in Block E for this match, and got to look at Alan “totally raped” Pardew at close hand. Again, the words “dick” and “head” kept floating around my head as I watched the little twat try to wind up Gus Poyet (not hard really is it?), and the big watch looking gestures whenever his dirty bastard team thought we were time-wasting. Bellend.

Albion started well enough, and took a deserved lead from my man of the match, Elliott Bennett. Young Ell is looking like a long shot specialist nowadays, and his goal and subsequent ding-dong battle with Harding was one of the main focal points of the game for me. After that Southampton dominated the half. They are undoubtedly a very good side, and it showed last night as the remainder of the first period we battled hard to contain them.

But, the game really came alive when former Albion skipper Hammond, who now wears the armband for the scummers, scored a well-deserved goal on 41 minutes. Before this match our fans had a lot of respect for local(ish) lad Dean, he played with distinction for the stripes and left on good terms. Along with former club stalwart and manager Dean Wilkins, he was always going to get a warm reception at Withdean. Dan Harding was always going to be the focus of the boo-boys, as he was more mercenary than Hammond, and he left for Leeds in a flash (where he was shite after the furore over his free transfer was settled). But the second Hammond decided to run from Block A to G with his hand to his ear and beckoning the whole South Stand to appreciate his goal, ten years of (what we thought was) mutual respect was gone forever.

Hammond nearly sparked a pitch invasion, and the mood was exacerbated when the ref failed to book him (he was already on a yellow) for it, especially as he was penalising our lot for a lot less. The game after that went into overdrive and was the better for it. Withdean was almost a cauldron of noise, even the geriatrics over in the North Stand were having a shout and a sing – outstanding effort.

Our best players were Crofts, Elphick, Painter and our two second half subs – LuaLua’s cross for Ashley Barnes’ headed goal was pure class. Barnes is BHAFC’s very own Davy Fairclough.

A draw was probably a fair result overall, but we looked more like winning it than them. One worrying event was losing Marcos Painter in injury-time, I still haven’t heard the extent of his injury yet, but hopefully he isn’t crocked as he’s been a rock in that left-back role.

So, the big crowd of nearly 8000 left happy enough, some think these two teams will be the ones to beat in League One next year. I’m not so sure about them or us, but we have a derby fixture for sure now, our two games against Southampton this year have been brilliant, and I can’t wait to see them again next year, along with Deano, Dan and Pardew. Cheers.

The Hovian’s Albion Team Performance : 8 out of 10

The Hovian’s Albion Man of the Match : Elliott Bennett

Albion Team (goalscorers in bold)

(4-5-1) Brezovan; Calderon, El-Abd, Elphick, Painter; Bennett, Crofts, Navarro (Arismende 79), Dicker, Carole (LuaLua 58); Murray (Barnes 62)

Subs: Walker (GK), Holroyd, LuaLua, Arismende, Barnes, Virgo, Hendrie

Attendance: 7784

League One table

Friday, 2 April 2010 00:00 UK

Position Team P GD PTS
Full League One table
1 Norwich 38 40 82
2 Leeds United 38 29 71
3 Millwall 38 28 71
4 Swindon 38 13 70
5 Charlton 38 19 68
6 Colchester 38 15 65
7 Huddersfield 38 18 62
8 Bristol Rovers 38 0 58
9 MK Dons 38 -1 57
10 Southampton 38 29 54
11 Brentford 37 0 50
12 Carlisle 38 -3 48
13 Brighton 39 -4 48
14 Walsall 38 -7 47
15 Yeovil 38 -6 44
16 Leyton Orient 38 -10 41
17 Gillingham 38 -11 40
18 Exeter 38 -13 40
19 Oldham 37 -14 40
20 Hartlepool 38 -13 39
21 Tranmere 37 -28 38
22 Southend 38 -14 37
23 Wycombe 38 -25 32
24 Stockport 38 -42 24